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Advaita Audio

Advaita Audio is a new net.label.
Date Archived
Advaita Audio 2006 AA001 Psykick Psyrgery / Worms of the Earth - Abhvan [split channel] Encased in metal tin. Produced by Brian Artwick Split Channel Release (2 artists play simultaneously): Psykick Psyrgery (Right channel) Worms of the Earth (Left channel) Tracklisting: R1 Psykick Psyrgery Manvantra-Twilight L1 Worms Of The Earth Vadavamukha R2 Psykick Psyrgery Ultima Thule L2 Worms Of The Earth Nun (Khasma Mega) R3 Psykick Psyrgery Scylia L3 Worms Of The Earth Charybdis R4 Psykick Psyrgery...
Topics: Advaita, Industrial, Darkwave, Rhythmic, Noise, Dark, Ambient, Experimental, Psykick, Psyrgery,...